Monday, November 29, 2010

I Was Annabel Lee Entered in RWA Golden Heart

Today I take a leap and enter my second completed manuscript in the RWA Golden Heart Contest. Take a look at the agent query to learn more about the story:

Seeing the future isn’t any fun when you’re not allowed to change anything about it.

In I WAS ANNABEL LEE, a 42,000 word young adult paranormal romance, Annie Allen’s life is beyond predictable, thanks to psychic powers that let her see everything that will happen for two weeks into the future. That is, until Eddie Green walks into her High School but not into her future visions. She doesn’t see him coming. She doesn’t see anything he does and he has the ability to undo things that are supposed to happen.

Unfortunately, Annie quickly discovers that Eddie is also her family’s sworn enemy, a Time Bender. Annie and her Mother are Time Keepers. While Time Benders live to change the past, Time Keepers are trusted with ensuring time moves forward as planned.

She's prepared to hate him, when a twist in time threatens someone she loves. Annie turns to the one person who can help change the past-- Eddie Green. All he asks for in return in a date.

An ancient legend about a Time Keeper and Time Bender joining and becoming the masters of time has the entire Time Keeper community on alert. Before long, Eddie and Annie are on the run, hunted by their own families with very few options.

Nothing makes sense until a secret linked to Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem Annabel Lee leads them to the truth about the myth and themselves. Now, it’s up to Eddie and Annie to piece together clues from Poe’s life and writing to master time or risk losing their lives and each other forever.

I WAS ANABEL LEE is likely to appeal to fans of Meg Cabot, P.C. and Kristin Cast and Heather Brewer, though it might just spark a love affair with Edgar Allen Poe that will last a lifetime.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Vampires are mesmerizing us all these day. The House of Night vampyres back stab and try to keep from becoming undead. Stephanie Meyer's Bella submits to Edward's will happily. Heather Brewer's Vlad tries to resist his fate to rule over all vampires and enslave all humans. New vampire novels reach out from the stacks and crawl across the web browser tempting young adults every day. How long will vampires continue to mesmerize? Will they be replaced by the fae, those mystical, time changing nymphs? Will they be replaced by the shape shifters, those metamorphic body benders? Will we return to the days of gritty, nary a supernatural crosses their pages, coming of age novels? Will the blood run dry? Will the vampires simply pack up and skulk out to the woods to quietly partake of ferret and skunks, leaving the mortals to shift their attention to a new and different kind of magic? Or, will the vampires continue to avoid the stake and side-step the silver, bringing us another series of blood chilling heroes? Only time will answer the question.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Percy Jackson

My daughter and I are nearly through an out loud reading of the final novel in the Percy Jackson series. Rick Riordan builds a fantasy world that brings Greek mythology to life in a funny and suspenseful way. From a pegasus named Blackjack to his Cyclops brother the story weaves smart and funny themes together. If you saw the movie, please don't judge the books based on it. The movie missed the mark entirely compared to this witty and engaging series.

It's not Harry Potter, but the relationships between the young people in this book have the same multi-layered and deep appeal. And the supernatual setting doesn't hurt either.

Monday, May 3, 2010

House of Night: Marked Review

I finished House of Night last night. I like the concept of vampyres being spiritual and I love the Goddess tie-in. I felt like it was a lot of build-up for a pretty quick wrap up though. The dialogue was pretty realistic. I'm still not clear on why vampyres are going to finishing school though. There were some interesting loose ends, so I'll likely read the next one.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Heather Brewer is truly amazing

If you're a fan of 8th Grade Bites, I'm here to tell you I met Heather Brewer and she was amazing. Not only is she a gifted writer and I do recommend you get her books but she is also focused on her fans. Check out her website, she gives out really cool bling to minions. Also, she spent a lot of time giving this humble aspiring author encouragement and advice when I ran into her at the RT Booklovers Convention in Columbus this weekend. Check out her website at

If you're here for the first time please check out my first three posts and provide feedback! Especially if you're between the ages of 10 and 16.

Completed Young Adult Novel: Ada Road

With a single phone call, everything changed. Even her name.

When Ursula Apple finds out her mother kidnapped her from her father and her name is really Sarah Kurzinsky, she thinks her life has been blown apart. Then she has to leave everything she's ever known to keep that same Mother out of jail. Ursula’s barely over the shock of learning the truth about her past when she’s whisked off to a bungalow colony in New York to live with her new family by her real Father, Al. He's a teacher in Manhattan who runs the coffee shop in the summer at his family’s Jewish resort— and he’s spent the last 13-years frantically searching for his missing daughter.

As Al deals with the reality of losing a baby and finding a teenager, Ursula navigates a strange new world where fish is a breakfast food, Hebrew words are oddly comforting and little old ladies can be lethal. Years of secrets are exposed and new friends lead to changing loyalties. Ultimately, Ursula must choose whether she’ll return to her Mother in Ohio or follow her original destiny in New York.

Want to learn more?