Monday, May 3, 2010

House of Night: Marked Review

I finished House of Night last night. I like the concept of vampyres being spiritual and I love the Goddess tie-in. I felt like it was a lot of build-up for a pretty quick wrap up though. The dialogue was pretty realistic. I'm still not clear on why vampyres are going to finishing school though. There were some interesting loose ends, so I'll likely read the next one.


  1. Oh yes they like to leave you hanging. P.C. Cast writes it with her daughter whos younger. But they always have good themes, and even if they're vulgar, it's truthful. And they have to learn how to become vampyres, and learn about themselves. You have to learn about the concept of imprinting, bloodlust, and things that "normal teenagers" aren't used to.
    -I'm a nerd:)

  2. I have all of them by the way. If you need one, just ask...I'm reading the most recent one...and it's still not done yet.

  3. Hmmm... If you're a nerd I guess I am too! Isn't it cool to be a nerd now? You should have seen me when I met one of my favorite adult authors at a book convention last week. Total nerd. That's all I can say.