Friday, October 12, 2012

Football, Dialogue and Other Musings

Drums beat. A crowd rumbles like thunder. Must be a home football game tonight. I love living near the high school. There's something about football Friday nights that makes it feel like magic is sizzling in the air. Someone's going to have their first kiss tonight. A touchdown in a game I could care less about is going to make someone else's entire week. Raw, animal energy pulsates through the whole thing like it's electrified.

It's exciting and I love hearing the residual noises and imagining all the fun that's out there being had. I especially love it in my fuzzy pajamas, laying on my bed, enjoying the otherwise quiet house. That must be the part where I'm getting old. Ah, well.

Tonight I'm reading the newest Rick Riordan installation in the Percy Jackson universe. Can't wait to roll around in it. I've missed Annabeth and Hazel. Powerful girls with powerful problems. Nothing more distracting. I'm a huge fan of the series, but I'm coming off a John Green run.

I inhaled An Abundance of Katherines, Looking for Alaska and Will Greyson, Will Greyson. It's going to be a different deal reading Percy and friends now. Nobody does dialogue like John Green. He made me laugh and cry at the same time. I think the feral pig hunt in Katherines might be the best scene I've ever read. I'm feeling inadequate in writing dialogue like never before. Seriously, the man is a genius. A real one.

Since I'm rambling, I spent this evening with another real genius, the very talented writer we shall call "Q".  I learned some very interested things about web comic strips, fandom and the correct pronunciation of Manga. Am I the only one who didn't know you ship two characters when you put them together? Also, I apparently have no idea the proper way to use Tumblr. But that's beside the point.

In conclusion (that's my Freshman Lit Class finally coming into good use), listen to football games from a far, read good books, especially John Green books and then go out on Tumblr and do whatever it is people do on there after they read a good book.