Monday, November 29, 2010

I Was Annabel Lee Entered in RWA Golden Heart

Today I take a leap and enter my second completed manuscript in the RWA Golden Heart Contest. Take a look at the agent query to learn more about the story:

Seeing the future isn’t any fun when you’re not allowed to change anything about it.

In I WAS ANNABEL LEE, a 42,000 word young adult paranormal romance, Annie Allen’s life is beyond predictable, thanks to psychic powers that let her see everything that will happen for two weeks into the future. That is, until Eddie Green walks into her High School but not into her future visions. She doesn’t see him coming. She doesn’t see anything he does and he has the ability to undo things that are supposed to happen.

Unfortunately, Annie quickly discovers that Eddie is also her family’s sworn enemy, a Time Bender. Annie and her Mother are Time Keepers. While Time Benders live to change the past, Time Keepers are trusted with ensuring time moves forward as planned.

She's prepared to hate him, when a twist in time threatens someone she loves. Annie turns to the one person who can help change the past-- Eddie Green. All he asks for in return in a date.

An ancient legend about a Time Keeper and Time Bender joining and becoming the masters of time has the entire Time Keeper community on alert. Before long, Eddie and Annie are on the run, hunted by their own families with very few options.

Nothing makes sense until a secret linked to Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem Annabel Lee leads them to the truth about the myth and themselves. Now, it’s up to Eddie and Annie to piece together clues from Poe’s life and writing to master time or risk losing their lives and each other forever.

I WAS ANABEL LEE is likely to appeal to fans of Meg Cabot, P.C. and Kristin Cast and Heather Brewer, though it might just spark a love affair with Edgar Allen Poe that will last a lifetime.