Monday, December 30, 2013

Speed Reviews!

Lately I've had the chance to read a number of great books, but no time to do proper reviews. So, I thought I'd offer a quick rundown "speed dating style". Who has time to read a whole review anyway?

Eleanor and Park
This little treasure quietly brings to life the 1980s, first love, teen angst and the reality of teens living powerless inside a dysfunctional family unit. It's beautifully written but the melancholy makes your insides ache all the way through beyond the last sentence.

Reconstructing Amelia
So hard to read. So, so, so hard to read. As a mother, that is. Heartbreaking. Full of twists and turns and with a plot line that makes you want to jump in and twist the could have been choices around so that everything can be okay. Everything is not okay, but this book is still very much worth the read.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
I wanted to love it. There were moments when it came so very close. Sweet, a little too convenient at times and just short of mark, but still a cute little story that makes you believe in love. A read for an airplane or a beach.

Fried Green Tomatoes
I loved the movie so I figured it was time to read the book. There were some major differences from the movie but I still loved it. The mystery and intrigue were fine, but the real news here is the characters and the way they capture your heart and mind.

That's all folks! Hope your holiday reading is going well. And, Happy New Year!