Monday, January 24, 2011

Deep Point of View

The writing world seems to be on fire for "deep point of view." You might think of it as third person with most of the benefits of first person. I like this discussion on the topic:

I like to write in first person and go deep inside the perspective of my heroine. I've just finished my first experience in third person with the deep point of view perspective. The hardest part is showing versus telling.

When I read I become the character. I am Jake in the Sun Also Rises. Don't you feel his angst over Bret and the sad knowledge that she only wants him because she knows she can never, ever have him? I am Vlad in Eighth Grade Bites. I can taste the blood in his sandwich. I am Harry Potter. I yearn for the family that was shredded in front of me when I was only a child. I am Stephanie Plum. I'm riveted every time another car blows up.

Lately, I am Wen Michaels. Alone in a jungle in Costa Rica I run with a child slung over my shoulder. Gunshots blast behind me. Time is ticking away... Never heard of Wen? That's because I haven't finished her story yet. Don't worry, one of these days you'll have the chance to live her life too.