Writing During Quarantimes

It's a rare time when the entire world is plunged into crisis together. In our country we're dealing with the pandemic and the national health crisis that is systematic racism. In these times when we have more time at home to think and less time to act it's easy to feel a little lost. Is it safe to go to work? To a protest? To go to the grocery store? Who can I see? What risks are too much right now? How do I make sure I'm listening, learning and doing the right things to be a good ally? 

For me writing has been a salvation----a way of both escaping the world and acting in my own way to try to make it better. Never has there been a time when fiction-- both reading it and writing it has been such an important part of my life. I'm so grateful for my writing circle-- those souls who pour themselves into my stories with the same passion they put into their own. I've been more consistent in producing pages than ever before just to see the smiles on their faces when we Zoom to talk about them. And reading their pages has taken me into the minds of beautiful characters who remind me there will be travel, restaurants, lunches with friends and more again. 

Whatever gets you through these times, lean into it. Maybe we'll look back and find a few small glimmers that we'll want to carry with us into the rest of our lives. At the very least I'll have reams of written pages to show for all these cancelled plans, and some of the best friends a person could ever want.