Five Wishes...

My mother used to always say "if wishes were horses beggers would ride." I'm always wishing for something. Like what?

1. A housekeeper. I have not grown out of not wanting to do houswork. I hate dishes. I hate laundry. I hate dusting. As much as possible I try not to do these things. Alas, I often don't have any choice. If I don't do them, they won't get done.

2. A genie. See housekeeper above with the added benefit of fullfilling my every wish. Genie's are awesome.

3. One of those machines on Star Trek that lets you beam to another place instantly. I hate the process of getting somewhere far away, but I love the being there part.

4. Telepathy. I would like to be able to move things around from the other side of the room. This would be especially perfect for transporting the ice cream I wish for from the table to the triple layered feather bed I'll be sleeping on once my Genie appears and creates one for me. 

5. Physical fitness without the time consuming process of achieving it. Like "the perfect body" in twelve seconds or something like that, but it actually works.

What do you wish for?