Doing our part for the good of everyone...

The rise of a global pandemic has a way of slowing life down. Here in Ohio our Governor has closed schools for three weeks, many businesses are shifting to work from home or closing all together and evening and weekend activities are disappearing faster than you can say "Covid-19".

Since my mom and step-dad are both immune compromised I'm especially glad to see the swift action our leaders are taking to try to flatten out the curve for who will get this virus and when. All that being said, it's an interesting time to be a writer.

The hours spent at home are great for getting more writing than ever done and I've been making progress on editing my manuscript. It's also a good time to be a reader. I downloaded three novellas today and I'll be sinking in to fictional worlds to live out the many things we can't do right now-- like travel or eat out in restaurants.

A friend of mine who is a very talented crafter is thinking about putting together a fun do-it-yourself-at-home craft for her Instagram followers and we may even pair that up with a romance novel recommendation.

So, I'm keeping busy during this unprecedented time, but also taking time to spend with my children and husband and making sure my parents have what they need to get through these days, as well.

I hope you're taking care of those you love and that we'll all be able to look back on this time and be grateful that we were successful in slowing this pandemic down.