Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Why keep trying

Today was one of those days. Not the kind of terrible, tragic day that shatters you. More the kind of hollow, not going my way kind of affair. I worked. I gave it my all. I sacrificed for a long time.

And in the end it came to nothing.

Piles of rejections paper my ten years at this writing dream. The reason I haven't been writing much hasn't gone the way I'd hoped, recently.  Even still, I don't think of quitting the writing or the work. I keep my mind focused on the future. If I have to get that much better to get that much further than that's what I will do.

Why I keep trying is because I believe someday this crazy dream is going to become something real and viable. Just like I believe one day, one week, one year can't and won't ever define one lifetime.

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