Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pieces, Parts and Pain

I am deep in the heart of edits right now. Wading into pieces and parts of my books that I love. A moment of truth hit me square between the eyes after this year's Pitch Wars. I got three requests this year and each of the authors gave me input after on why they passed. Only one read past the first 50 pages. She read all the way to a point that I've been suspicious is the start of a story line that might, just might, have to go.

The thing is the book started with this story line. The very idea, the original title, came from this story line. I'm afraid the story has moved on and I haven't. The idea of writing out this story line is so terrifying and painful I am quaking with horror at the thought of it. But, I've been shopping this book for a long time. The first 50 pages are strong and they are engaging. I typically get requests for the full book from agents for this book. What I don't get is offers of representation once they read past those first 50 pages. So, it's time to be brave. It's time to pull the thing to pieces and parts and it's time to embrace the pain!

I need all the support I can get as I tear my baby to shreds and put her back together again. This year's Golden Heart she is going to be all shiny and ready to go.

As my teens would say "that's goals."

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