Monday, June 1, 2015

When all else fails... read Harry Potter

My stack of books to read is higher than a mountain. It towers over my bed, casting shadows over my dreaming, sleeping form. Ann Brasheres. Zoe Sugg. Gillian Flynn. And more. Many more. Stories I want to weave into my mind. Characters I'm dying to meet. Plus I haven't read my book club book for this week. Some sort of horror or something. I've blocked it out. That one I'm avoiding.

But reading a new book takes time. It sucks me in and makes me ignore my to-do list, my obligations, my stressors. Such a sweet, sweet addiction. So not in the cards at the moment with the presses of time. And yet, I still really need a story to read in stolen moments. One where I won't stay up all night to finish. Which means I must read something I have read before.

Nothing beats Harry Potter books for this purpose. I open the page to anywhere, slip into a warm bath, a lover's embrace, a moment of pure happiness. I'm definitely reading the Zoe Sugg next. But until that lovely day comes I'll just pick up my wand and magic myself to Harry's world.

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