Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lighthearted Fun with The Grimm Legacy

Last week I found The Grimm Legacy on my couch. I occasionally find great books that have dropped out of the sky and ended up on my sofa, so I scooped it up. It took a about a week before one of the other five people who live in my house admitted buying it at the school book fair weeks prior. It had surfaced on my couch after a backpack cleaning that included purging anything school-related to make room for a bathing suit and towel. Ah, summer.

Still, I had the book, so I was good. Elizabeth is a High Schooler who has recently had to switch schools so her dad can afford her step-sisters' college tuition. She's mostly ignored at home other than to  do chores. When she does a favor for a homeless woman her life takes an unexpected turn. Her eccentric English teacher recommends her for a job as a page in a library for objects.

Not long after she starts the job she makes friends with several other pages, an attractive basketball star named Mark, and talented Indian girl named Angajli. Then she learns the secret of The Grimm Legacy, a collection of objects from fairytales that each have their own magic. The problem? Someone's trying to steal the magic objects and her new friends might end up taking the blame. The three pages are joined by a reluctant page named Aaron for an adventure to stop a thief.

I enjoyed this book. It was a light-hearted read, totally appropriate for an eight year old, with romance to interest a teen or a mom like me. Author Polly Shulman does a great job rounding Elizabeth out, so that even when you don't agree with her decisions you love her spirit. I call this one a great family read aloud book. It will be debuting in our bedroom routine soon.

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