Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inside a Video Shoot...

I've always wanted to be a star.

I've been a part of many, many video shoots before. Normally, I'm on the producing side of the equation. I know how to ask the right questions to help folks relax and give us the best possible sound bites. I also understand all the myriad of ways to coach someone to sound more natural, even if there is a teleprompter smack-dab in front of them. I can notice that little popping noise, the eyes wondering to the left that make someone look an itty bit insane and the quivering dry voice of a person who has been talking wayyyy too long. 

All that hot confidence disappears on the other side of the camera, though. All eyes are on you. And, they should be because a very talented woman just spent a long time applying a truck full of make-up to your face and turning your hair into 1980's Charlie's Angels hair. Incidentially, she will call this "sex kitten" hair, despite the fact that you are going for highly sophisticated credible woman hair. 

While the camera guy tried to deal with the glare from your glasses, You will explain that taking them off is so not an option. You need to read the teleprompter and your blind without them. The producer said reassuring things, while the make-up lady clips your pants at the back to make them look tighter. You will never know for sure if that means your legs are too skinny or your pants too baggy. 

Once you are rolling it will get a little easier, but you will have to say each line three times so they can get three different camera angles. Unless you mess up, of course. Then you have to say it more times than that. 

Eventually you will be done. Your voice will be hoarse, your eyes will water and your skin will itch. But the 80's hair will stay rocking the entire day.

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