Thursday, January 12, 2012

Romancing the I-Phone...

I've fallen in love. Real love. I mean really, really love. With my phone. Seriously.

It all started when I opened the box. The sleek white shape called out to me. "Twitter with me," it screamed. "Facebook with me. E-mail with me." How could I resist?

Then there were the Apps. How I yearned to find more of them to fill my heart and soul. I can name that tune. I can make that reservation. I can figure out how to get somewhere. Apps make me smarter, better, happier. I can even lose weight with my Apps. 

The only problem with this love affair is how much time it takes. My husband wants my attention now and then. My job requires a great deal of focus. And even though I got 200 words written on the Evernote App once, it isn't helping me meet my word count goals. 

Still I can't let it go. I take it everywhere. I sleep with it next to me by the bed. I know that we will work it out, my I-Phone and I. Our happily ever after is still within reach.

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