Saturday, November 5, 2011

Son of Neptune

The adventure begins again for Percy Jackson in the Son of Neptune when he realizes he's lost his memory and eight months of his life. He lands in a Roman camp and being the son of the sea god is so not impressive to these half-bloods. The Romans prefer to take to land for their fighting. Unfortunately, Gaia the earth Goddess is waking and if she manages to bring back all her giant children humans and gods are toast. She's opened the doors of death and suddenly dead people just won't stay dead.

Percy's latest quest pairs him up with Hazel and Frank, who have their own deathly secrets. Nico Di Angelo makes a cameo too. 

For lovers of the Percy Jackson series (like me), this book is a great romp through the heavens on earth. Percy's not as much fun this time. Maybe I just knew too much about him. But Hazel and Frank are worth getting to know. The ending sets up some interesting questions for the next book to answer. And, there's a nifty little love triangle brewing. 

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