Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School

We watched the Zach Ephron movie 17 Again this weekend. Four times. The first time I thought it was cute. The second time I thought it was romantic. The third time I started getting annoyed that the girlfriend (spoiler alert) chose to tell him her news right before the big game. The fourth time I started to imagine what I would do if I were back in high school again. When the kids begged to watch it a fifth time, I put my foot down.

I don't think I'd want to go back. Then again, I go back every time I sit down to write my YA novels and I love every minute of it. I guess I like the idea of going back under my own steam. I get to make up the rules.

If I had the chance to back and do it all over again, I really wouldn't change one single thing. I say that with the clarity of a person who believes that RIGHT NOW is the best time in my life. High school was really hard for me. But, if I changed anything about those years, I'd never be who I am today.

Still, if I was 17 again today I'd probably be at the fair tonight. (It's fair week in my home town and everyone goes, or at least they used to.) I might be laughing with my friends about some inside joke no one else could possibly understand, especially someone as old as 35. (I'm ancient now, you know?) Maybe I'd eat an entire basket of curly fries and not worry about gaining weight since I'd run it all off the next day anyway. There could possibly be a romantic moment on the top of the ferris wheel. Then I'd have to go home and do eight hours of homework.

Yeah, there were good times. I still say today is better.